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Levi's: Level Up Your Levi's


Social-first, tutorial-style content to make denim your own.

Speaking directly to Gen-Z audiences, we customised our content series to enhance engagement and foster connection.

In collaboration with Redbrck, we used iPhones to capture footage, choosing a lo-fi and authentic approach.


Collaborating with Revival London founder and denim reworking expert, Rosette Ale, we created a series of entry-to-advance level, fashion-forward customisation tutorials.

Ranging from stencilling to embellishing and patchworking, these tutorials were hosted on Instagram as well as TikTok and complemented by a blog post for further exploration.

We created title cards for each tutorial, emphasising the tactile nature of denim and embroidery. This is a popular customisation at Haus, a brand hub that spotlights Levi’s sustainable values.

Shared extensively, the content series marked a new chapter for the brand and heightened their audience's appreciation of denim’s potential.