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Coca-Cola: Real Magic


A global campaign powered by talent, celebrating the Real Magic of connection.


Yolande Mutale, a UK-based artist, captured the essence of friendship as two people chat in the park with their dogs.

Chinese artist, Inkee Wang, illustrated three friends enjoying a shopping trip together.

Spanish illustrator, Miguel Ángel Camprubí, depicted a heartwarming moment between a mother and daughter.

Joe Melhuish, a UK-based 3D artist, captured a group of gamers deep in focus.

Sierra Leonean artist, Ngadi Smart, breathed life into a tender moment between partners.

Nieges Borges, a Brazilian artist, evoked a warm atmosphere with a family sharing an alfresco barbecue.

Shir Pakman, a USA-based 3D artist, transported us to a serene countryside picnic shared by two friends.

In a romantic scene, South Asian illustrator, Simone Noronha, portrayed a couple connecting in the park.

In collaboration with Andy Baker Studio and Joe Melhuish, we brought these illustrations to life through animation. These artworks, both static and animated, formed part of a versatile library spanning ratios and formats.

Featuring artists from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa, this campaign showcased different styles and talent. Delivered in a range of formats, Coca-Cola and their teams were able to share the artworks extensively around the world.