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Harry's: Body Wash


An ethereal social campaign diving into the scents of Harry's body wash range.

Our campaign leaned into the theme of shower relaxation, showcasing the body wash range through serene bubble worlds.

Commissioning Alexis Jamet, an artist with a distinctive, ambient animation style, we crafted miniature worlds that reflect each scent, adding a surreal quality with a subtle fisheye lens and bespoke soundtracks by Matías Enaut.

For Stone, inspired by its mineral and citrus scent, we designed a zen mountain scene featuring stacked stones and yuzu trees.

For Redwood, with its evergreen, sandalwood, and mossy forest scent, we created a scene with towering trees and animations simulating a coastal breeze.

For Wildlands, a snowy scene with a figure hiking towards a peak evoked its mountain air, eucalyptus, and white birch scents.