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Hinge: Deletion Stories


A true-to-life social campaign collaborating with Gen-Z couples who found love and left the app behind.

Partnering with Jinjo, we uncovered authentic stories of 21-30-year-old couples who found love on Hinge and chose to delete the app. Using questionnaires and interviews, we revealed their reasons and celebrated the uniqueness of their journeys with three couples.


Combining the insights from each couple's bond with the copywriting framework 'when you find someone who', we created a system that celebrates various connections.

Uta & Yuey

Working alongside Will Hooper and Blink Productions, our socially native art direction made the films relatable and focused on human stories.

Our first couple Uta and Yuey connected through their unwillingness to turn down adventure. Running, raving, and rowing, they do it all.

Maya & Lauren

Forged through fashion, Lauren and Maya’s love of clothes led to a passion for getting ready together. We captured their happy place, a shared wardrobe.

Ben & Diogo

Collectors Ben and Diogo put the ‘things’ in ‘it’s the little things’ and have built their own personal exhibition of what they hold dear.

Highlighting true couples' stories, we positioned Hinge as the dating app made to be deleted, reaching millions globally on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.