We celebrated Google Design’s stories with help from our creative network

Working with global talent. To bring these insights to life, we have collaborated with creatives from around the world, including South Korea, the U.S, the Netherlands, and the U.K. Working across a vast range of disciplines, from collage to embroidery and everything in-between, our aim is to find new ways to express the topics shared in the articles to a diverse audience.

Our collaboration with Google Design continues, we’re excited by our ongoing partnership with the team and more talented creatives.

'Three Designers Walk Into a Virtual Conversation…'
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Collaborator: Santa France, Latvia
Visuals: 3D artworks exploring the influence of Industrial design, AR, and VR at Google.

'Here, There, and Everywhere'
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Collaborator: Fenna Fiction, Amsterdam
Visuals: Digital collages of Google employees' remote working setups.

'Rehearsing the Future'
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Collaborator: Liz Shuhua Xiong, New York
Visuals: Abstract illustrations asking questions about the future, with Google’s speculative design teams.

'Absolutely FAB'
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Collaborator: Jiye Kim, Seoul
Visuals: A comic telling the story of how Material Design's Floating Action Button (FAB) was invented.

'Insights from a Reluctant Leader'
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Collaborator: Nicole Chui, London
Visuals: Embroidered vintage photographs telling the story of the author's family emigration from China to the US, in an article that offers a unique, personal perspective on leadership.

'The Rule of Three Also Works in Conversation Design'
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Collaborator: Carolyn Rhee, Chicago
Visuals: Digital collages depicting gridded, numerical visuals to accompany a piece about the rule of three.

'People, Products and Epiphanies'
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Collaborator: Inji Seo, Seoul
Visuals: A suite of illustrations exploring a decade of eureka moments at Google UX.

The energetic ideas, determination, and exceptional creative network that Anyways has breathes life and uniqueness into our articles. They’re a trusted part of our team and a true joy to collaborate with.

Art Director, Google Design