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Sonos: Sound Series

A new communications strategy and content series that showcases Sonos’ deep commitment to all things “sound”.

We curated a series with four artists, each working in a different discipline and city to visually describe what “Sound Is” to them. Each artist was paired with a local photographer who captured their surroundings and style.

The brief was always left open to encourage personal artistic responses, with South Africa-based Lunga Ntila, Denmark-based Wang & Söderström, Netherlands-based Merijn Hos, and South Korea-based Sujin Lee creating distinct artworks in their preferred mediums.

We collaborated with sound creators, sound engineers and hosts to explore the “Sound Secrets” behind our favourite sounds. Spanning a cross section of industries, our collaboration celebrates the human stories involved in bringing sound to life.

The first series spotlights the importance of sound in gaming, featuring an in-depth conversation between video game composer Eli Rainsberry, Sonos Sound Experience manager Greg McAllister, and presenter Shay Thompson. 

In the second series, we explored the artistry that goes into post-production sound effects and soundscapes, bringing together foley artist Catherine Thomas, Greg McAllister and host Anna Bogutskaya.

The most recent series is a celebration of the role sound plays in the emotion and excitement of live football. Referee Jeff Winter, Sonos Sound Engineer Mark Cattell, and pub owner/Liverpool FC supporter Paul Tremarco offered their insights.

Each new series highlights the human experience of sound, strengthening the perception of Sonos products as a way for people to enjoy their listening experience more fully.