We brought Depop’s URL marketplace to Selfridges IRL

To help Depop launch their first UK long-term space, in Selfridges London, we worked with them to create a three month residency that mixed the variety and energy of Depop with the physicality and prestige of Selfridges.

Working with Depop’s internal teams, we collaborated on the overarching concept, seller curation, and programming of the space, and then devised a spatial design and visual identity to fit. This was all to reflect the merging of the digital and the IRL worlds in a brand new way, making sure that all elements - whether experienced by a Depop or Selfridges customer - felt like part of the same campaign.

Depop IRL. For the design of the space, we looked beyond simple merchandising to create a space that would stand out against the backdrop of other Selfridges concessions.

In collaboration with set designer Anna Burns, we created a physical representation of Depop that referenced marketplaces, arcades and the intensity that comes with those environments, but all put through an energetic, digital filter. This included a moving clothes rail that visitors could control, LED screens, and interactive arcade games that visitors could play using their phones.


Participation and education. Showcasing the breadth of the seller community - from pre-loved to vintage, streetwear to custom made - was central to the overarching concept, so we collaborated with Depop to create monthly themes to curate sellers and product: August was entrepreneurship focused, September was around sustainability and October was “No Questions Asked" - focusing on unique fashion and individuality found on the platform.

The space was also programmed around the monthly themes, with events including an audience led Q&A around successful Depop shops, spaces for up-and-coming sellers to hands-on branding and photography, and workshops that taught how to customise old pieces of clothing into create something new.

Anyways has such a strong reputation for creating meaningful experiences, the team understood who we are as a brand and what we needed for our new home at Selfridges. They helped us build a retail space that provided our sellers with the opportunity to take their Depop shop to the next level, and served as a way for customers to experience the unique assortment available from our Depop community

Brand Marketing Manager at Depop