We helped Converse celebrate and support London’s creative communities

Converse has always been a brand of progress, and they've set out to remind the world of this by positioning themselves as the authentic voice of progress to young, creative Londoners through their Spark Progress above-the-line initiative.

Adding a Community Layer. Working in collaboration with Converse’s London team, we found creative practitioners to work with across the project. We sought out those who were naturally moving things forward in the city and their communities.

How Converse Could Help. Once we had identified the community members we wanted to work with, we spoke to them, asking questions around how they wanted to work with brands, and how a brand could help them make the biggest difference within their community in a meaningful way.

The Spark Progress Programme. These community insights developed into the Spark Progress Programme, helping Londoners achieve their creative ambitions, through funding self-initiated projects that help advance communities, personal practises, or careers in the city.

Celebrating Londoners Whilst working with Converse on their Spark Progress Programme and @converse_london, we've celebrated and supported more than 125 Londoners and their communities. And we've helped to build a local network of 15,000 followers on Instagram who are predominantly aged between 13-24 years and living in London.

Working with Anyways was an absolute pleasure. It's really rare to find a group of such talented and dedicated people, that not only challenged us to find the best creative solutions to answer the briefs, but also saw our Instagram handle as if it was their own. The final result speaks for itself, a collection of great stories from our London community told through compelling visual storytelling.

Brand Connections Director at Converse