We connected YouTube fans with their favourite Creators with Super Stickers

Super communication. With the rise of the digital age, it has become increasingly possible for people to find new ways to connect to one another, and YouTube has long been the pioneer of building communities within a digital space.

We have been working with YouTube to create a series of Super Stickers to accompany their Super Chat product. By bringing these digital and animated stickers to life, fans have a more emotive way to interact with and show gratitude to their favourite YouTube creators.

Expressing emotion, status, or reaction. We dug deep to research how audiences express emotion, status and reaction all over the world. For example, from bowing and giving a gift with both hands, to buying someone a cup of coffee, it was important for us to show how different cultures portray appreciation. We worked closely with artists globally to convey sentiment in each territory in the right way.

Different audiences, same meaning. Super Sticker sets focused on global audiences, and specific countries including France, Japan, Korea as well as genres such as Gaming. Artists and consultants from each of those countries made the stickers feel as specific and accurate as possible to the viewers who would buy these Super Stickers.

TechCrunch, Engadget, adweek, Daily Mail, and many other publications featured YouTube Super Stickers upon launch, showing off a selection of these playful sticker sets and speaking to a global network of readers.

Working with Anyways was a blast! Together, we created unique and compelling characters with a ton of heart and personality. Users have been responding very positively to Super Stickers on YouTube.

Client at YouTube