We helped make creativity a bigger part of Londoners' lives

Building a creative utopia. Fashion retailer Uniqlo are a brand that understand the powerful and positive affect creativity can have on the world. In Spring 2016 they underlined this by supporting the relaunch, and first three years, of one of the UK’s biggest cultural institutions, the Tate Modern. To communicate this in as culturally authentic a way as possible, Anyways devised London Dreaming, a campaign and range of activities that were as imaginative, playful and accessible as the organisations involved.

Young artists of the future. London Dreaming came alive in all nine Uniqlo London stores, where we installed wooden structures inspired by the Tate Modern’s iconic architecture. These structures were also created to exhibit 200 artworks from young artists who, as part of Tate Collective, were invited to respond to the brief ‘Future’.

Imaginings at Here London. At It’s Nice That’s creative conference, Here London, London Dreaming came to life with a day long installation that invited visitors to imagine what their own creative utopia might be. Visitors ideas were drawn by some of London’s best known illustrators and hung in a purpose built gallery — a collective dream for the future.

Winds of change at Tate Modern. London Dreaming culminated at the launch weekend of the new Tate Modern building, something all our other activities and communications had been driving towards. The installation took over an entire floor of the new building, Switch House. As with the other activities, we wanted to invite the public to imagine what a more creative and positive future might look like, but this time, we also wanted to empower visitors to help make their dream futures a reality. Working with interactive designers Studio PSK, we developed an experience that was as accessible as it was imaginative.

One ribbon, one vote. As visitors arrived in the space they were each given a ribbon to attach to the future they most resonated with. In all there were six futures, each of which came in the shape of large wind blowing structures. As the ribbon votes added up the structures became more and more colourful and energetic.

Playful personal challenges. Once a visitor had made their choice, they received a challenge card containing a playful brief to help make their future a reality. In addition to this, each visitor also had the chance to pose with and share their future in an interactive photo booth using #londondreaming.

Our partnership with the Tate Modern is one of the most important things we have ever done in the UK and Anyways did an incredible job of bringing the partnership to life visually and in the gallery itself over their relaunch weekend. They were collaborative from the start and a real breath of fresh air in the agency world.

Brand manager, Uniqlo Uk