We inspired Unilever to look at their products in a more playful, refreshing and provocative light

Taking a fresh look. Unilever, one of the world’s largest companies, create products that billions of people use every single day such as washing powder, stock cubes and Mayonnaise. Because theses products are so ubiquitous, they can be easy to take for granted and see in a very specific, sometimes restrictive light. Our task was to inspire Unilever’s marketers and agency partners to take a fresh look at their brands and see the amazing creative potential even the most mundane of them had. A task we were extremely excited about.

Re-imagining the everyday. To bring this to life, we commissioned eight international artists and designers to consider their relationships to these familiar products and transform them into playful and thought provoking new objects.

Online gallery. We also created an online Reform gallery that had a very work-in-progress/experimental feel. Our typeface also came to life here in a playful way.

Cannes Lions. Reform was presented as a as a physical exhibition at Cannes Lions, to highlight the power of sustainability and creativity. The exhibition was then installed at Unilever’s head office in London.