We worked with Sonos to explore what 'Sound Is'

Sound Is... more than music. Once this strategy was in place, we worked with Sonos and came up with a new content series, 'Sound Is'. For Sonos, sound is more than just music. It’s also podcasts, home theatre, radio, the city and nature. Sound can evoke a mood, change your whole day, make you dance, wake you up or send you to sleep. So we asked artists from around the world to visually describe what sound means to them.

We curated the series with four artists, each working in a different discipline, city and with their own perspectives on what ‘Sound Is’ to them. We kept the brief open as we wanted to see how each artist would respond artistically.

4 cities, 4 photographers. We paired each artist with a photographer based in their city. We guided our photographers to approach the photoshoot in their own distinctive style, with a human touch and focusing on off the cuff moments.

Telling human stories. By starting Sonos’ human storytelling journey with Sound Is, we created social content that doesn't rely on Sonos product being the centrepiece. By celebrating these artists, their disciplines and their stories, we produced a holistic content series of interviews, studio photography, and blog posts that had an overwhelmingly positive response online.