We helped Sir Paul Smith to define and launch his charitable foundation

Charitable foundation. Anyways partnered with Sir Paul Smith to help him publicly launch his charitable foundation, bringing it to life in a way that is useful for its audience, and feels true to the man himself.

Anyways worked with Paul and the Foundation’s team on everything from building a focus and point-of-view for the Foundation to creating a visual identity, designing a digital hub, and developing an Instagram strategy.

Giving Helpful Advice To Creative People. Paul Smith has been unofficially helping people for years but decided it was time to extend his advice to a wider community of creatives. We devised the Foundation to be a place where Paul could offer his support, no matter where you live or what you do. It won’t teach someone how to cut a suit, but it will share inspirational tips to those wanting to start their own business or achieve career goals.

The Archive of Advice. We worked with Official Business to create a website to host the ever-growing archive of Paul’s advice. We wanted the design to replicate the feeling of going through a physical archive. You may know exactly what you're looking for, but you also have the option to browse and discover similar pieces of advice.

The full portrait of Paul. We collaborated with photographer Jamie A Waters to capture some portraits of Paul as well as create a launch film to introduce the Foundation. We also documented the incredible objects dotted around Paul’s infamous office, using these images as an extension of our portrait of Paul.

Some of the regular Instagram features include ‘Friends of The Foundation’ creative journeys shared by inviting aspirational young creatives, ‘Paul on Paul’ recordings of Paul revealing his stories, opinions and advice, ‘Ask The Audience’ insights from the Foundations followers, and many more.

A growing community. It's been amazing to see the impact the Foundation has already had on creatives from around the world and we've recieved some amazing feedback. One follower mentioned that the "content makes you think deeply and is helpful not only for artists and those working in the creative sector, but for everyone." Our work with the Foundation continues, and we're excited to support it as it supports others.