We supported Harry's to spotlight the LGBTQ+ designers making a difference

Design with Pride. We worked with Harry’s to bring their Design with Pride campaign to life for Pride 2020. This year, Harry’s chose to spotlight a group of international designers whose work is influenced by their unique perspectives as LGBTQ+ creators. The shaving brand asked Spanish artist José Roda, to profile and illustrate each designer and design this year’s Shave With Pride Set.

From IRL to URL. Harry’s had originally planned for these illustrations to feature in a celebratory gallery in New York. Due to Covid-19, they had to rethink their approach. The team asked us to come up with an imaginative online solution that not only highlights the exceptional talents and personalities of those in the LGBTQ+ design community; celebrates and champions the wider LGBTQ+ community; digitally replicates the experience of an art gallery; and enables visitors to shop for Harry’s Shave With Pride Set.

An illustration-led microsite. To celebrate the designers, and their work, as they were originally intended, we landed on the idea of emulating the experience of an art gallery online. The designer illustrations are placed on a long plinth, side by side, to recreate a feeling of ‘busts’ in a gallery space. It was important to continue this gallery language throughout, so we also incoprorated different touchpoints like wall text and wayfinding into the microsite.

We also worked with the Harry’s team to think of ways to bring the URL gallery to life, including charming animations which reveal on hover, hand drawn navigation icons, and a quirky cursor too.

Anyways brought both craft and creativity to our collaboration. We chose to work with them because they believed in the mission, but also have a great vision to bring our ideas to life.

Client at Harry's