We worked with Google to bring real experiences of the Pixel 2 to life

Google Creative Lab approached us with the interesting idea to share people’s firsthand experiences of the Pixel 2 phone, through a series of animations. People who had recently begun using the Pixel 2 were interviewed, and we worked with Creative Lab to turn those interviews into animations - each of which had a distinct style, personality and idiosyncrasies.

The team listened to all the product testimonials, finding nuances in the words and delivery to match each interview with the right artist, and then we commissioned nine illustrators and animators to bring each story to life.

Styles ranged from traditional 2D animation to rotating 3D rendering, and from plasticine stop motion to paper cut. With a broad spectrum of characters and stories, working with such a range of styles and influences was the perfect approach.

Across the project we collaborated with an international roster of artists; from the US to Poland, to people working nearby in Hackney.

Igor Bastidas channeled the excitable and curious explorer in us all.

Chen Winner distilled a complex sound-bite in a beautifully simple way.

Cesar Pelizer captured the playful and whimsical character from all angles.

Nicolo Bianchino found the humour and warmth in the deadpan nature of this testimonial.

Sophie Koko Gate revealed the wild side of her two characters.