We rebranded Freestar as a fresh take on alcohol-free beer

The brief. Freestar beer 0.0000000% asked us to rethink their brand identity to help them position themselves as ‘a fresh take on beer’. We created everything from the logomark and playful tone of voice, to a flexible design language that works across packaging, social media and everything beer.

Blazing a trail. Unlike the classic 5-pointed 'beer star' icon, which is seen across dozens of well-known beer brands, the Freestar identity centres around a shooting star. This 8-pointed star uses negative space to visually move against the grain and blaze its own trail - as if we’ve taken the norms of beer and thrown them in a new direction. It’s constantly adapting to the space it occupies - bouncing in new directions to create playful graphic paths.

Freestar's visual language. We designed the shooting star to take its own path, creating dynamic compositions and including bold typography along different trails. We created an adaptable design language to work across all of Freestar's touch point - from social media, to beer mats at the pub.

If this has got you in the mood for a light and refreshing beer 0.0000000%, you can find Freestar on shelf at Sainsbury's or online at Amazon, Ocado and freestar.co! 🍻

The project was managed excellently and the creative team were awesome too. We're super excited about our new look and how it's going to bring a vibe and an energy to alcohol free beer and shake up the category for good!

Co-Founder of Freestar