We helped ‘proworking’ company Fora announce their new buildings in style

Moving in. Fora, who are leading London's workspace revolution, recently approached Anyways to help create a content series to promote the brand and the opening of its new co-working spaces in Soho and Spitalfields in locally relevant ways.

We took their tagline - ‘a space to be brilliant’ - and created a framework to be rolled out at each location. This framework is a historic timeline through each area to celebrate all the brilliance that occurred there; from medical breakthroughs to social revolutions.

The animations all end with the reminder that these areas have always been home to brilliance, and now there is a space at Fora for the viewer to be brilliant at too.

Telling the stories. Once we had our stories we needed to work out how to tell a full history — in just a minute. We took into consideration average view time, reading speeds, and the fact many viewers would have the films muted in order to work out the best way to communicate them on-screen, balancing image and word.

We wanted to give the viewer information about Fora and these areas, while leaving intrigue to find out more. These films should be just the start of discovering more about Fora.

To bring the histories of Soho and Spitalfields to life we worked with animators Milo Targett and Nice Shit Studio.

Fora Spitalfields by Milo Targett, includes stories of Shakespearean inspiration, master silk weavers, beer, brave women, and Brick Lane.

Fora Soho by Nice Shit Studio, includes stories of hunting cries, exotic fruits, rhythm, new romantics, and radio.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the talented team at Anyways, we’ve long admired their work and having the opportunity to bring their creativity and expertise to this project was very exciting. Soho and Spitalfields have such rich creative histories, and Anyways helped bring this to life in the most interesting and original of ways, helping introduce Fora’s arrival perfectly

Head of Growth at Fora Space