We launched an exciting new product with an experimental social media campaign

Andy Warhol and Converse. Converse have one of the world’s biggest social media followings, reaching over 37 million people on Facebook alone. The brand regularly launch new collections and products through their social media channels, but this time for an exclusive collection with Andy Warhol, they wanted to do something a little different — something that would be authentic to Warhol’s celebrated legacy, and something that would feel genuinely experimental and engaging to the brand’s huge online community.

I started repeating the same image because I like the way repetition changed the same image. Also, I felt at the time, as I do now, that people can look at and absorb more than one image at a time

Andy Warhol

Re-imagining artworks. Warhol’s ideas on repetition immediately brought animated GIFs to mind, so we set about creating animated versions of his famous repetition artworks — all of which came to live in beautiful and magical ways. The limited edition Warhol Converse were also worked into these repetition GIFs — making for perfect content to be shared across all channels.

Bringing Andy to Twitter. Inspirational quotes are a social media mainstay and strangely (and luckily) for us many of Andy Warhol’s quotes are under 140 characters. This made Twitter the perfect place to bring them to life. To do this we renamed the main Converse account, Andy Warhol, changed all the profile images to those of Warhol, then conversed and shared content with followers exclusively using Warhol's quotes. Andy was on Twitter.

Warhol’s Instagram Factory. On Instagram we decided to create a brand new account called Warhol’s Factory. This allowed us to be a lot more experimental as it was separate to the main Converse channels. Everyday, for a week, the account had a different focus—from celebrating the main Warhol Product, to applying every Instagram filter to a picture of Warhol, to creating a gallery of each Soup Can painting and building a gallery of prints. Hidden amongst the artwork were treats such as rare footage of Warhol at work and rare prints and paintings.

Tagging titles. On Facebook, we recreated The Factory’s legendary silver walls and gallery feel by hosting an exhibition of less well known Warhol paintings and prints. Each artwork was tagged with it’s title and date, turning Facebook’s tagging feature into a handy exhibition guide.

200 pieces of original content. All in all, we created over 200 pieces of original Warhol and Converse content, that were strategically shared across all of Converse’s social media channels, over the course of a week. The project resulted in an organic reach of over 79 million people, a 1000% higher return than our client’s original target. For us the project was especially enjoyable as it gave us the chance to get hands on with iconic artwork and re-imagine how it might come alive in the 21st century.

Anyways embraces each brief with passion, enthusiasm and a creativity that never fails to surprise and push boundaries. In SS15, they helped us deliver a compelling, innovative execution that was highly effective in engaging our target consumer.

Senior Manager, Digital Brand Communications, Converse