We helped creatives beat creative block with Adobe

The Inspiration Generator. Adobe came to us with an open brief to encourage their audiences to discover and rediscover Photoshop, realising its full potential. We landed on the idea of The Inspiration Generator, an online tool that generates simple creative challenges for aspiring and practising creatives alike.

A welcoming experience. This campaign is directed at both creatives and non-creatives, so we wanted the design and experience to feel fun, accessible and experiential for all. To bring our thinking to life, we collaborated with Companion Studio for the web design and build. We incorporated a visual language centred around the iconic design cues of Photoshop, referencing features such as the chequerboard background pattern and dotted outlines from the 'object selection tool', both synonymous with the software.

Beating creative block. A common barrier to getting started is creative block, or the fear of the blank page. We designed The Inspiration Generation to produce a simple three word brief based on clashing words, all with the hope of jump-starting our user's creative brains to think outside the box.

Fonts with personality. Each word in the brief has a key role to play and needs to spark some kind of reaction. We seized the opportunity to showcase Adobe Fonts extensive library and load our words with personality, hinting at associations without saying too much.

#Beattheblank. People have shared their creations online using the hashtag #beattheblank and we’ve been blown away by their responses, some of which you can see above.

The website has been used by over 63,000 people from 114 different countries, and has been featured in articles including Dazed, Design Taxi and Creative Bloq, encouraging people to play and be inspired by Photoshop.

The response was very positive and it was amazing to see the amount of creativity and fun creations from the community. The campaign exceeded expectations and we’re already looking forward to the next project with Anyways!

Marketing Manager, Adobe