We brought a playful wink to Soho's Brewer St with a flagship store with Ace & Tate

The project. Ace & Tate approached Anyways to collaborate in the storytelling and design of their London flagship store in Soho. After spending some time digging into the history and culture of the area, it was clear that the store needed to play up to the quirks of Soho - the day and the night, the old and the new, out on the streets and inside the buildings. We also worked with Assemble's Granby Workshop to help Ace & Tate bring the concept to life.

15 Brewer Street. Trying on glasses is a very personal affair - not something you necessarily want to do in front of a group of strangers! Keeping this in mind for the Ace & Tate customer, we divided the space into an architectural enfilade creating intimate areas where customers can try on Ace & Tate's glasses in privacy and without feeling too closed-in.

The tiles. Soho has such a rich history that we wanted to make a loud, locally relevant statement without interfering with the retail system. So much of the research pointed towards tiles so, upholding their creative ethos, Ace & Tate partnered with Assemble's Granby Workshop and challenged them to turn the floor of the store into an artistic masterpiece that references the renowned tiles of Soho's Carnaby Street in the '70s.

Merchandising system. To allow for Ace & Tate to have multifunctional and adaptable store, together we decided to keep the product display simple, white and interchangeable, creating a space that's flexible in its usage, can be completely removed when needed, and really lets the product sing.

Cheeky wink. Continuing with Ace & Tate's tradition of having a piece of neon artwork in each store, we designed a pair of eyes to sit at the back of the store and look through it.

When the store's open the eyes are open, inviting customers in off the street, and when it's closed they're closed, and if you’re lucky you can catch them winking 😉 a little nod to Soho’s varied past…

"Working with the Anyways team on our Brewer Street store has been a joyful ride. The combination of their profound understanding about the area of the store, and their clean colourful aesthetics, made them a perfect match for this project."

— Retail Design Manager, Ace & Tate